How does promote fair competition among suppliers?

How does promote fair competition among suppliers?

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The GEM online registration platform promotes fair competition among suppliers through several mechanisms:

  1. Transparent Tendering: All tender information, including specifications, requirements, and evaluation criteria, is transparently posted on the platform.

  2. Equal Access: Every registered supplier has equal access to view and bid on tenders, ensuring a level playing field.

  3. Automated Evaluation: Bids are evaluated using automated systems that minimize human bias and ensure objective assessment based on predefined criteria.

  4. Feedback and Ratings: A feedback and rating system allows buyers to review suppliers, fostering healthy competition and encouraging quality improvements.

  5. Compliance Monitoring: Regular monitoring and enforcement of compliance with GEM policies ensure that all suppliers adhere to the same standards and regulations.

  6. Anti-Corruption Measures: The platform includes measures to detect and prevent corrupt practices, such as bid rigging and favoritism.

  7. Dispute Resolution: A fair and transparent dispute resolution process addresses any grievances or conflicts that may arise, ensuring that all parties are treated justly.

These features help maintain a fair, competitive environment, encouraging suppliers to offer their best products and services on

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